Are you ready to get the lowdown on the best skin care blogs of the year? We’ve rummaged through hundreds of blogs (just for you!) to find those that go above and beyond to educate, inspire, and empower. So, if you’re looking for more to read in addition to the fabulous Sheperd Skinnies and blogs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the top 5 blogs we just couldn’t get enough of. Their tips and tricks will give you a fresh, new perspective on how you face the world. We know you’ll love them too.

  1.  Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

Taking the number one spot in our lineup, Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care is recognized as the longest-running skin care blog written by a dermatologist. This easy-to-navigate and engaging webpage has a focus on anti-aging skin health and seasonal topics such as winter dryness and sun safety for the summer months. It’s ideal for anyone beginning their exploration of skin health and wellness since topics are broad and information is delivered in a straightforward yet captivating manner.

  1. Éminence Organic Skin Care

And coming in at number 2, we have Éminience Organic Skin Care. Here you can browse an endless selection of blogs spanning the skin care and beauty spectrum. Read up on natural and organic skin health, current skin care trends, the answers to your most pressing questions, and topics you may have never heard about but are curious to learn more. We promise you’ll be engrossed for hours at a time.

  1. The Love Vitamin

You can find the inside scoop on daily supplements, hormone testing, skin-clearing secrets, and more! The Love Vitamin is a great resource for those of you struggling with oily and acne-prone skin. The founder, Tracy, has endless tips for clearing stubborn acne naturally. However, it’s an inspiring read for anyone looking to build confidence and find beauty within.

  1. New Beauty

From the hottest skin care crazes to the newest products and procedures derms love, New Beauty has it all. Get an inside look at the glam skin care routines of celebrities, editors’ firsthand reviews about treatments and innovations, and helpful hints from dermatologists, plastics surgeons, and aesthetic experts.

  1. Dermstore

As the name implies, this is a web store but it’s also the destination for anyone ready to enhance their skin care routine and wants some guidance on next steps — from sought-after ingredients to application techniques. Gain insight on how to pick the best products, especially if you’re on a budget. Who doesn’t want good honest advice delivered in an engaging, casual manner?