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Acne is a common skin condition occurring when hair follicles become congested with oil and dead skin cells. These clogged hair follicles cause blackheads and whiteheads or pimples. Acne can also cause large solid and painful lumps or nodules and painful, pus-filled lumps under the skin or cystic lesions. Acne can also occur on the forehead, chest, upper back, and shoulders.


Acne is persistent. While pimples and bumps slowly heal and go away, other pimples and bumps seem to pop up in their place. Acne is like a never-ending skin problem.

While most common in teenagers, acne affects patients of all ages. Age, hormones, genetics, stress, and environmental factors may be some of the causes of acne. In older patients, the sudden onset of severe acne could signal an underlying disease that requires medical attention. 


For many patients, acne cannot be addressed through over-the-counter medications or lifestyle changes. Special prescription-strength medications and adjunct therapy (light therapy, peels, injections) are indicated treatment regimens.


The FDA warns that there are popular nonprescription acne lotions, cleansers, and other products that may cause serious reactions. If your acne does not improve with over-the-counter medications, visit Sheperd Integrative Dermatology for answers.


If, after using any prescription or nonprescription medication for acne, you experience faintness, breathing difficulties, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or eyes, or tightness in the throat, seek emergency medical help.


Sheperd Integrative Dermatology offers a specialized Accutane/Isotretinoin clinic for eligible, appropriate patients.

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Acne occurs when new cells and dead skin clog the sebaceous glands, causing skin inflammation. There are many forms of acne, including blackheads, whiteheads, nodular acne, and cystic acne. Depending on its severity, acne often causes emotional distress and can scar skin. The earlier you take advantage of available treatments, the lower your risk of scaring and emotional problems.