Kybella ®

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Kybella ®

Injectable Kybella® is FDA-approved for eliminating fat storage under the chin, which is commonly referred to as a “double chin.” The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which destroys fat storage membranes, thus preventing fat cells from storing fat. The body’s natural processes ultimately eliminate or significantly reduce fat in the treated area, giving you a chin profile, you’ll love!

With Kybella®, fat cells are only destroyed in the treated areas, so there is little downtime associated with the procedure. The results include permanent fat reduction in the treated area. The treatment process is quick and convenient for most patients over 18, but discussing your individual concerns and goals with one of our medical professionals is important.

Advantages of Kybella include:


Kybella treatment was developed for patients with moderate to severe fat cells beneath the chin, bra bulge, or jowls, and those who want to eliminate these fat cells.

Result times vary depending on the individual, but usually 4-6 weeks after treatments and once the swelling subsides.

The results are permanent. Once destroyed the cells cannot continue to reproduce. The destroyed fat cells are washed away with normal body processes. With weight gain, however, other fat cells can appear, and you will need additional treatments.

Yes. There will be some swelling and possible bruising after treatments. These symptoms subside within a few days.

There have been some serious side effects recorded. These include uneven smiles, trouble swallowing or a nerve injury in the jaw. Discuss post-treatment discomfort with your healthcare provider and contact your provider immediately if you have any of these serious side effects.