Our patients and employees feel that Sheperd Integrative Dermatology is a special place for beauty and healing. We believe that part of what makes our practice different are our core values. These core values reflect what’s truly important to us as an organization and they form the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves.

These values remain constant and underlie our work, how we interact with each other and the methods that we use to achieve our goals. The people that we hire share these values. We demonstrate by our hiring decisions and our investments, including training, how closely we hold these values.


We value compassion and empathy with our team, our patients and ourselves. We treat people with care and consideration always.

Medical Excellence

We offer an approach that brings our patients more than accurate diagnosis, attention to risk factors and treatments to deliver results. We aim to also examine the best ways to help our patients achieve and sustain good health, not just receive healthcare. We have expertise in integrative medicine and holistic methods beyond more traditional approaches.

Aesthetic Excellence

We deliver results that are natural looking, impactful and beautiful by combining different modalities using state of the art technologies guided by decades of practical experience.


Simply said, “Caring for our planet is the foundation for the health of humanity.”

Extraordinary Customer Service

From your first contact with our office, we work to exceed each person’s expectations. We act with honesty and integrity (do the right thing) every time. We know that our patients are the reason we’re here and we appreciate that you chose our office for your care.


As a physician and artist, Dr. Sheperd’s passion for healing continues beyond the office. While studying at MUSC, she began to paint as a way to bring balance and creativity back into her life. All the paintings at the practice are examples of the connection between inner health and outer vitality.

Many patients over the years have shared that they were inspired to develop their own creative outlets in part by viewing the works on display at the office. Her paintings are for sale and are featured in homes and collections across the country. Below is a link to a selection of her current pieces that are available.

Dr. Sheperd’s Paintings

Healing Environments

We seek to make our physical environment congruent with our approach to wellness. Our on-site labyrinth encourages meditation and reflection. The garden features a water feature for contemplation as well as a reliable place to get a drink for the bees, butterflies and birds. The parking lot material was purposefully designed to allow the rain to quickly drain directly into the soil. Our building is largely powered by the sun from our rooftop solar system.

Nature is a design partner within our walls, as well. Natural light streams through the windows into the exam rooms and allows our staff and patients to see the trees and sky surrounding us. Living plants are a feature throughout the building. Combined, these conscious design elements create a sanctuary for complete healing.

Sustainable Practices and Building FAQ

Who was your builder?
Tupper Builders

Who was the architect?
Eddie Bello

Who did the solar system?
Alder Energy

Who maintains your garden

What is the color of the interior?
Sherwin Williams "NorthStar"

Is the discovery room available for a workshop or event?

Some of the earth friendly aspects to our business include:

  • Irrigation with well water.
  • Dyson faucets to eliminate paper towels and clean the air
  • Toto washlets minimize paper needs
  • 100% LED lighting in and out
  • Honoring and preserving the Grand Oaks that provide shade
  • Conscious purchasing – choosing local, minimizing packaging…
  • Encouraging biking to the office

Combining traditional and functional medicine, we address underlying causes of disease by taking mind, body, and environment into consideration.

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Look and feel your very best at every stage of life. Our cosmetic dermatology services are gentle and suitable for both women and men.

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Receive the specialized diagnosis and care that your condition requires. Our medical team provides dermatology services to address a range of skin, hair and nail conditions and concerns.

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